Kallid EPSÜkad!

Uus kooliaasta on algamas ning EPSÜ tervitab Teid ühe väga põneva pakkumisega. Nimelt toimub põhjamaades juba traditsiooniks saanud Nordic Psychology Students’ Meeting sel aastal Tartus. Üritus on küll alles novembris, kuid kandideerida saab septembri lõpuni. Loe lähemalt pakkumist ja kiika NPS-i kodukale: http://npstartu.wordpress.com/

Head kooliaasta algust soovides,



Greetings, our fellow psychology student!


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the fourth annual Nordic Psychology Students Meeting, titled MAKING PSYCHOLOGY MATTER, that is taking place in Tartu, Estonia, from November 2-4, 2012.
With this call, we hope to persuade you to join us by providing all details regarding the event, along with our webpage that serves as our registration gateway and information center. So let’s move on to the ins and outs of the event and see if you’ll come out convinced.

  • What? A meeting of psychology students from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Denmark.
  • When? November 2-4, 2012.
  • Where? Tartu, Estonia, with the accommodation in a beautiful nearby guesthouse. See it on the map: http://tinyurl.com/cyhejvj
  • How much? An astonishingly low sum of 30 euros that covers food,, coffee, accommodation and the sauna (travel expenses not included)
  • What do I get out of it? Knowledge, cultural insights, new friends and research partners and a time so good that you’ll form memories of it even if you happen to suffer from anterograde amnesia.

Impressed much? There’s more to follow!
Behind the topic presented hides a carefully crafted programme that has to do with the relationship between psychology and the society. How is our profession perceived? How does that perception shape our working environment? How does policy affect psychology? These questions and more will come up in the presentations. While there’s never enough time for discussions, we’re hoping that we’ve planned at least an adequate amount of time for them.

Furthermore, we’re following tradition and as such we’re hoping to see presentations from participants, covering the current state of psychology in their countries and its relationship with the society. Details will be provided beforehand. We’ve also allocated time for students’ presentations concerned with their own research projects. If you think you’ve got something great to share and are maybe looking for input from your neighbours, let us know!
So, how do you join? It’s easy. Go to our website http://npstartu.wordpress.com/, click “Registration” and submit the expression of your will to us. PhD or undergrad, clinically inclined or experiment-oriented, it hardly matters. What counts is your interest in sharing and caring in the environment that we’ve created. The deadline for registering is the 25th of September. Sadly, we can only provide for up to 10 people from each country, so after the 25th, we’ll take some time to review your applications and notify the lucky and unlucky ones of their fates.


What are you waiting for? When else will you get an opportunity like this? Awesome people, forgettably small fee, great content – if we weren’t the organizers, we’d apply in a hearbeat.

See you in November!


NPS team 2012


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